Amanda Lynn Mayhew hunts the way she was raised by her family in Northern Ontario.

Adventure Outdoors Magazine on Shelves July 11, 2017



"There is no such thing as bad weather, only innapropriate clothing." 

-Sir Rannulph Fiennes 


“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

– Winston Churchill


"I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work."

 –Frank Lloyd Wright

Just Hunt is a brand that focused on hunters who just want to hunt. There is so much concentration on social media that just hunt focuses on just that. The hunt, fish, ride, farm, camp, hike or whatever the adventure may be; just live. 

Amanda Lynn not only believes in conservation but also homesteading and making the most of the land she lives on. Growing fresh produce and raising her own meat. 

"You are the perfect ambassador of our sport." Luke, ONT

what people are saying

Danny, Nova Scotia

 I am impressed with what you are doing, you should be very proud of yourself. Keep the good work up kiddo. You are making a big difference.

Brian, Ontario

Just wanted to drop a line saying how Great Your First TV Show was. Also it was great having a chat with you at the TO Sportsmens Show. All the Best in Your New Endeavors. 

Steve, Ontario

Seen your bear hunt this morning great show, natural, simple, and for real!   Good luck to you Armanda in the future be watching next weekend for next episode. Have fun stay safe and thank you for carrying on out hunting heritage  

Alf, Ontario

I had the opportunity to watch your first episode of Canada Hunts... Great show, and an amazing tribute to your Mom. She is smiling down on you, so proud of the amazing woman you have become.
Can't wait to see the next episode. 

Jim, Ontario

This is just a note to say I think you are doing a bang up job in your new (ish) career and the companies you represent are sure getting their monies worth . You remind me of myself when I was younger all full of piss and vinegar .... I aways said it is better to burn out in a blaze of glory than rust out bored to death. It is fun watching you get the job done.  

Danielle, Ontario

I just wanted to say thanks for having the range days. A couple years ago I was told by a fairly well known bow shop that I wouldn't be able to shoot a bow because I'm blind in one eye. So I went to bass pro and spent hours with a very nice man who got me set up with a bowtech. And I've been shooting ever since. I was nervous about range day because of that issue even tho I've shot guns before, the gentlemen  you have helping at range day were awsome and encouraging! Thank you. And keep doing what you do! 

"You Capture the Audience with your personality." Jennifer, Alberta

Rick, Ontario

I just wanted to write a few words to say that I thought the show that Amanda Lynn Mayhew did on bear hunting in honour of her mom was very well out lined and deeply touched my heart because mothers are so special and my mother has been gone since 1995 and I miss her daily.  

Amanda Lynn seemed very well adapted to the bush and actually more honest than most TV personality's when she admitted she was having a bit of difficulty finding the trail to her stand.

Chrissy, Ontario

I just wanted to say that I watch Just Hunt as much as possible, when I do not watch it I have it recorded.   Not only do I enjoy watching the show I enjoy listening and watching a few tricks and pointers as I am a new hunter and love hearing tips.   Amanda is such an amazing teacher, she spent some time with my son and I do believe that she is the reason he loves hunting and the out doors as much as he does.  Not only does he have great memories with Amanda he also learned the safety and proper use of guns and the love of hunting.  I will always support Amanda, she is a powerful, strong woman who does what she loves to do.  Keep up the great work Amanda. 

Jason, Alberta

 People remember what they are introduced to in education and brand, you are doing a remarkable job exposing quality companies and they should be proud to have you associated with their brand. 


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